Beyond the Books: Favorite Shows

This week's topic for Beyond the Books is:  Favorite TV Shows.  In no particular order, here's what I watch (often recorded to skip commercials)...

Current Shows

The Walking Dead, AMC Sundays at 9pm
This is my favorite show.  Ever.  Probably.  I love this show so much and what they are increasingly able to get away with on cable television is astonishing!  So, so good.  If you haven't watched TWD yet, and blood and guts don't bother you, do it.  DO IT! 

The Talking Dead, AMC Sundays at 10pm
To go along with the above, the discussion show immediately following each new episode, hosted by the incomparable Chris Hardwick, is a must see.  They break the episode down with guests and, often, members of the show.  Watch it when Yvette Nicole Brown is a guest.  She's a beast and misses NOTHING in an episode.  So thorough.

So You Think You Can Dance, Fox Mondays at 8pm
The only reality competition I religiously watch, this show is awesome.  And I am intrigued by the format this year of having street dancers compete against stage dancers.  Vegas Week has just started, so it's not too late to get into it.

New Girl, Fox Tuesdays at 8pm
Even though some of the charm has worn off of this show, I still find it pretty enjoyable.  Schmidt's character is genius and I love how they seem to be getting back to how the show started out.  Getting rid of Coach and upping Winston's screen time will really help.  Nick and Jess's relationship/non-relationship is much better and less awkward than it used to be.

Marvel: Agents of Shield, ABC Tuesdays at 8pm
Though the show started off slow, it has gotten so freakin' good!  I was never a huge comic book fan, so I really didn't know anything about Marvel or its characters (aside from the Hollywood films and what the BF tells me), but I have grown to really look forward to new episodes of this fun show.

Game of Thrones, HBO Tuesdays at 9pm
So, so, so good!  I put off watching this show until I had read the first four books and I'm so glad that I did.  I found that, at the beginning, the show was difficult to follow and was constantly having to explain who people were and what was going on to the BF.  It's much better now, though I HATE the fact that the show is/will be moving ahead of the books.  Not cool, HBO!  Still, totally awesome show!

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Netflix Original Streaming
Netflix is doing something right with their new complete seasons right of the bat scheme and this is one that I fell in love with.  Kimmy is hilariously awkward and so 90s.  Her ragtag group of NY friends only add to her misadventures.  Good, bubblegum fun :)

Grimm, NBC Fridays at 9pm
Though I feel that the series is starting to peter out, I am unable to abandon it.  It's set in an area I'm familiar with, the characters are actually likable (to a certain extent), and the action and special effects are fun to watch.  I'm so glad that they finally made the decision to kill off one of the main characters this season (no spoilers) as I've been wanting them to be gone for a long time.  Maybe this will refresh the series a little...

Past Shows

Friends, TBS and Netflix (reruns)
This is one of my all-time favorite, whoa!  Watching reruns has become my lunchtime tradition as it's always on when I go home for lunch.  Also, if nothing's on the TV, there is always an episode playing and I love that.  It never gets old!

Roswell, Netflix (reruns)
I loved this show so much.  So, so much.  It was alien and otherworldly and full of teen angst.  When the network (WB) originally cancelled the show, thousands upon thousands of fans sent in bottles of Tabasco in an effort to get the network execs to change their minds...and it worked! 

The IT Crowd, Netflix (reruns)
A British gem.  I love to see what antics the guys in IT will get into and, even though the series ended rather abruptly, I love that the characters came back to film a mini-movie to wrap things up...even if it was more than a year later.  Plus, it's HIGH-LARIOUS!

Upcoming Shows

Fear the Walking Dead, AMC August
The new spin-off in TWD series and I'm super excited to see where this one will take us.  It is set in the same period as TWD, but at the very beginning of the outbreak and in Los Angeles instead of Georgia.  It will be interesting to see what we learn about the virus and how it has mutated between the two shows!

American Horror Story:  Hotel, Fox October
Yes!  Yes, yes, yes!  I am in love with this franchise and can't wait to see how they change it up.  While I do admit that season three (Coven) was the biggest letdown, I feel that they have redeemed themselves and are poised for an even more sinister season!

Scream Queens, Fox September
From the same creators at AHS and Glee, this series looks like it will be a fun horror.  It's got great casting (Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Lea Michelle) and the premise (a murderer stalking a sorority house) seems like a fun time

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, Netflix Original July
Yes!  So many yeses they're impossible to list!  What I love about how they're approaching this series is the fact that they have all the original actors from the movie and it's a freakin' prequel!  So awesome.

Moral of the post...I watch too much TV!  But I also read a lot...fine balance?  And, it's just too hot to go outside right now.  Haha

What shows are you into?

Beyond the Books is a weekly event hosted by Karen at Kissin Blue Karen.  Feel free to join in :)

Happy reading (and watching)!


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