Writer's Workshop: May Memories

Edinburgh Castle.  Photo taken May 19, 2008
Between September 2007 and September 2008 I was living in Edinburgh, Scotland working on my Masters in Comparative Literature at the University of Edinburgh.  While moving away from family and friends is difficult, it is also very rewarding.  My time spent living overseas gave my family the opportunity to travel to countries that had never been on their vacation radars.  This picture was taken in May 2008 when my sister and her best friend came for a two week visit.

I am incredibly proud of this photo for many reasons.  1) I think it looks pretty damn good.  2) It offers an amazing reminder of just how awesome this city is.  And 3) It brings back so many fantastic memories.  I really wish I could walk out my front down and stroll through that garden right now...
Nice weather like this was few and far between in Edinburgh, but this particular day was one for the books.  Taken while strolling through Princes Street Gardens, the imposing castle was a constant reminder that I was living in a Medieval city full of rich history.  It is the location of the Scottish Crown Jewels and where The Fringe takes place.  It is also one of the many locations where massive fireworks are set off during Hogmanay, the Scottish New Years Festival.  I think I toured that fortress 5 or 6 times...it's awesome!

Now I'm going to cry in my cup of coffee...and lament the fact that I had to move back to the US...

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  1. I so wish I had taken time to go abroad when I had the chance. What a special memory!

    1. It is definitely an experience that I am so glad I had.


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