E is for...Enter Sandman and Everlong

Happy Monday, fellow A-Zers!  Hope everyone had a delightful weekend and a great Easter holiday (if you celebrate).  Today we're moving in to week 2 of the challenge and we're kicking it off with the letter E.

E is for..."Enter Sandman" and "Everlong"

"Enter Sandman" - Metallica

In middle school I was obsessed with Metallica and pretty much rock music in general.  But Metallica was where it was at for me.  Though "Enter Sandman" is not my favorite Metallica tune, it's nice, simple, and fairly easy on the ears.  Despite this departure from their normal rock repertoire, it is one of the top 500 songs of all time according to Rolling Stone magazine and one of the 50 best rock songs according to VH1.  It's been described as the first metal lullaby and I'd have to agree with that assessment.

*Lyrics:  "Hush little baby, don't say a word / And never mind that noise you heard / It's just the beasts under your bed / In your closet, in your head"

"Everlong" - Foo Fighters

In 1997, I was introduced to the Foo Fighters with this song (and "Monkey Wrench").  It's been love ever since.  I had previously been a fan of Dave Grohl's from his Nirvana days, and it was only natural that I keep that love going (despite the loss of Kurt Cobain).  Upon release, their music was heavily compared to Nirvana.  Grohl never denied that Cobain had been a huge influence on his musical career and styling, but the band has since evolved into a rock juggernaut.      

*Fun Fact:  Dave Grohl is HIGH-LARIOUS!  Seriously, if you've never seen Fresh Pots, check it out now!

What are some of your favorite E songs?

Blog on, fellow A-Zers!


  1. Both great songs! And...oh boy... I had to go watch Fresh Pots and just about lost it. How does that man have so much freaking energy! Oh...right...the 8,000 cups of coffee. I got tense just watching him bounce all over. Elle @ Erratic Project Junkie

    1. Right?! I mean, I drink a lot of coffee, but goodness! So good though :)

  2. Hey Mel, thanks for sharing. Not my taste in music I have to admit (more of a jazz lover) but as a musician I do appreciate lots of styles, especially love good musicianship above all. So like these choices!

    1. Completely understandable, Fran! I love discovering new music :) Thanks for stopping by.


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