K is for...The Kill and Kryptonite

Good morning, Monday!  Nice to see you again...I guess.  It's the start of the third week in the A-Z Blogging Challenge and we're moving along to the letter K.

K is for "The Kill" and "Kryptonite"

"The Kill" - 30 Seconds to Mars

This is a great song and video.  It's like a mini-movie.  So awesome!  It's creepy and reminiscent of The Shining and I love it.  Also, Jared Leto is pretty nice to look at.  Mmm hmm. 

*Lyrics:  "What if I wanted to fight / Beg for the rest of my life / What would you do? / You say you wanted more / What are you waiting for? / I'm not running from you (from you)"

"Kryptonite" - 3 Doors Down

The first single released by 3 Doors Down was "Kryptonite" and it was so good.  It had a great build up and was really catchy.  Not too shabby for a song written by a fifteen year old kid.

*Lyrics:  "You called me strong, you called me weak / But still your secrets I will keep / You took for granted all the times / I never let you down / You stumbled in and bumped your head / If not for me then you'd be dead / I picked you up and put you back on solid ground"

What are some of your favorite K songs?

Blog on, fellow A-Zers!


  1. Good picks. Kryptonite is totally ruined for me thanks to Spotify. I've set my playlist to alphabetical order by artist so I can find things. Usually I play it on shuffle. Every once in a while though, the little shuffle button gets randomly turned off. This means that I've heard Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down more times than any other song on that playlist. Oops. Elle @ Erratic Project Junkie


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