W is for...Who's Crying and Wo Willst Du

Happy Monday, fellow A-Zers.  Let's hope this week, our final week in the blogging challenge, goes out with a bang!  Today is all about the letter W.

W is for "Who's Crying Now" and "Wo Willst Du Hin"

"Who's Crying Now" - Journey

Hands down, this is my favorite Journey song.  My parents had a vinyl copy of 1991s Escape, the album the track is on, as well as a tape of it.  I wore the tape out from rewinding it so much.  Since that time, Journey has always remained one of my all-time favorite bands.  Steve Perry's crystal clear voice is hauntingly beautiful...you really can't go wrong.

*Lyrics:  "It's been a mystery / And still they try to see / Why something good can hurt so bad / Caught on a one-way street / The taste of bittersweet / Love will survive somehow, some way"

"Wo Willst Du Hin" - Xavier Naidoo

Probably my favorite German artist, Xavier Naidoo is a soul and R&B singer/songwriter.  His stuff is beautiful.  His first album was actually an English-language album; it was released in 1994.  His follow-up was in his native German and released in 1998.  "Wo Willst Du Hin" is off his 2002 album and was one of his hit singles.  Even if you don't understand the lyrics, it still sounds so good!

*Fun Fact:  Naidoo collaborated with RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan on his first number 1 single "Ich kenne nichts (das so schoen ist wie du)" in 2003.  A lot of his songs have religious undertones and questions of identity.

What are some of your favorite W songs?  This was the hardest one to narrow down because there are so many great options...

Blog on, fellow A-Zers!


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