V is for...Vienna and Vogue

Saturday...I've yearned for you!  I hope everyone is having a relaxing Saturday...basking in your respective activities and modes of relaxation.  Me?  I'm reading...maybe doing some laundry (because I love that).  Perhaps watching a movie or some TV today.  The possibilities are endless.  Aside from that, today is all about the letter V.

V is for "Vienna" and "Vogue"

"Vienna" - Billy Joel

This is a beautiful melodious song.  It's a decadent metaphor for life and Joel presents it so well.  From 1977s The Stranger, Joel has declared "Vienna" to be one of his favorite songs to perform...it's that good.  The song was inspired when Billy Joel visited his father, who was living in Vienna at the time.  While there, he noticed an old woman sweeping the street and he questioned this practice.  The ensuing conversation with his father opened his eyes to the way American's tend to push the elderly population to the side and don't value their life experiences.

*Lyrics:  "Slow down you crazy child / You're so ambitious for a juvenile / But then if you're so smart tell me / Why are you still so afraid?"

"Vogue" - Madonna

How can you have a list of awesome songs and NOT include Madonna on it?  She is the queen.  Maybe not so much anymore (personally, I really can't stand any of her new stuff), but she's till relevant and inspirational to up-and-coming artists...especially in the pop arena.  "Vogue" is just classic Madge though and a dance music trendsetter.  It brought house music and the gay club scene into the mainstream and encouraged spontaneity.  Come on, everyone knows how to vogue :)

*Lyrics:  "When all else fails and you long to be / Something better than you are today / I know a place where you can get away / It's called a dance floor, and here's what it's for"

What are some of your favorite V songs?  I do love "Vidalia" by Sammy Kershaw...

Blog on, fellow A-Zers!


  1. My mind is drawing a blank right now. Will have to go through my playlist--surely there has to be SOMETHING that starts with V.

    1. I totally thought of another this weekend..."Volcano" by Damien Rice. Brilliant Song!


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