B is for The Blind Poet Pub

Day two of the A-Z blogging challenge and today's post is brought to you by the letter B.

The Blind Poet Pub

I cannot express how much this place means to me and how it kept me, as well as others, sane while working on our respective Masters programs in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Every single week our pub quiz team would meet here for some much needed liquid libations, breaks from dissertation writing, and some fun with local Quiz-Master Dave.  It's nothing much, really.  But for some reason this dark, small, upstairs pub was just the ticket for a relaxing Tuesday evening...and any other day of the week that we felt like a pint and a match.

Located just around the corner from my flat, the Blind Poet was ideal and awesome.  Still is, actually

Man, what I wouldn't give for a Tuesday night in that pub with this crowd:
From right:  Mairi, Lyndsey, Rita, Mandy, Michelle, Bianca, Janice, and me (missing Ellie and Daniel).
Happy A-Z day two everyone!  Keep strong and blog on!


  1. Amazing, I used to do trivia at a dive in college, and I must admit that it was EPIC!

  2. sounds very cozy and what a wonderful group of friends in your pic

  3. sometimes just the place provides such wonderful memories that it's about that rather than the four walls. Glad you have a special place though!

  4. Love the group pic. Scotland, wow!

  5. That is a really cool looking place! :)

  6. That pub looks amazing! And Scotland-wow! I've always wanted to go there. Great pictures and great post!

  7. I love the names of pubs in the UK - my friend recently posted on Facebook that he was going to the Slug and Lettuce, which made me laugh. Sounded like a great and memorable time in your life - Happy A to Z-ing!

  8. I thought that pub name sounded familiar! I did my Masters in Edinburgh too, about two years ago. I daresay I've passed by that pub a fair number of times, though I don't think I've been in there. Presumably Edinburgh is as cold and windy as ever? haha


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