H is for Hogmany

Week two of the A-Z Blogging Challenge has commenced and landed on the letter H.  Today is all about

Princes Street, Edinburgh
  Hogmany is the Scots word for New Years and is a three day celebration consisting of parades, bonfires, Viking ship burning, and fireworks.  So...a lot of fire.  In 2007/2008 I rang in the New Year on the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland.  The entire city shuts down for this event, closing off all major city center streets to traffic and thousand upon thousands of people gather in Princes Street Gardens, on Princes Street, George IV Bridge, Queen Street, etc.  There is live music set up at several points around the city center, as well as food and beer kiosks.  Essentially, it's a GIANT street party.  Once the clock strikes midnight, fireworks are set off from Edinburgh Castle, Calton Hill and other strategic places around the city so that those standing on the streets are completely surrounded by gorgeous flashes of light.
Scott, me, Kendra, Mandy, Ed, Bianca, and Christiana ringing in the New Year

I would definitely recommend catching a New Years celebration in a city that throws an excellent party.  While I've never been to Times Square during New Years (or ever, actually), I can say that Hogmany is pretty dang sweet.  So's Silvesterferien, but that's for another post ;)


  1. That looks like a lot of fun! :) I like celebrating new year's because my birthday is new year's eve. :)

  2. wow it makes my new years look pretty dull :)

  3. We're not that far from Edinburgh and I would love to go, but we always have the kids at New Year so it's not that practical. Looks great on TV though!

  4. What a fun holiday!

    I've never been to a big city for New Years Eve, but I did go to Disneyland. And I will say it was packed! They reached their full capacity and had to turn people away. It was PACKED!

  5. I've always wanted to visit Scotland. I'll have to make sure that when I do, it's on Hogmany. That looks like such a great party!


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