Chelsea Handler Sures Tells a Lot of Lies

Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me by Chelsea's Family, Friends, and Other Victims was quite the fun read.  I've truly enjoyed everything Handler has written and figured that this wouldn't be anything different.  However, I didn't find it quite as entertaining as her other books.  While this one isn't necessarily written by Handler, it completely centers on her and the "evil" things she does to those she cares about.  I think some of the funniest episodes are those written by Brad Wollack, Johnny Kansas, and Stephanie Stehling.  I mean, some of the things that Handler has done to these people are absolutely atrocious.  It really makes you question things; like how and why the victims stick around (money and all the celebrity perks), how she even has friends (money and all the celebrity perks), and how the hell she comes up with some of the things she does.  I mean, some of it is pure genius.  If you haven't read any of Handler's other books, this would be a decent one to start with.  You'll know, ahead of time, some of the antics she gets herself into and how she treats people.  Of course all the victims go on to say that they love Chelsea and think she's a wonderful person despite her penchant for making people miserable just so she can get a laugh...and perhaps pee her pants (true).  Good stuff.


  1. I just read Are You There Vodka it's Me Chelsea. It had some really funny parts but I will try another of her books before I decide if I like her.

  2. I don't think I want to read about that. It seems too mean.


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