W is for World Competitions

World Competitions

I like big sporting competitions, especially those that bring together multiple nations and cultures.  There is something magical about them.  Some of my favorites are:

The World Cup (both men's and women's)
Oh man, oh man, oh man...the World Cup is a party in my world.  As I stated in a previous post, I am a huge, huge, huge soccer fan and this competition is one of my all-time favorites.  Everything from the qualifiers to the championship game, I'm down with.  I'm able to cheer on the good ole USA (though the men's team hardly make it as far as I want them to) and my favorite team, Germany.  Good deal!  When it comes to the Women's World Cup...USA all the way!  Next one...Brazil 2014!
The Euro Cup
Definitely along the same lines as the above, but this competition is awesome all on its own.  It fuses my love of Europe with soccer.  Word.  Again, my lovely German national team is always in it for the win...and Spain.  I do like Spain.  Next one...Poland/Ukraine 2012...say what!
Six Nations Rugby
I was first introduced to Six Nations in 2008 and I fell hard.  Rugby is crazy!  It's insane how that game is played.  I think what made me really love it was the fact that the tournament was being held in Edinburgh when I was living there.  The visiting team's fans were EVERYWHERE and extremely vocal.  While I did cheer on Scotland with a vengeance, I must say that I am a Wales fan...
The Olympics (both Summer and Winter)
I'm an avid fan of the Olympics in general, but the Summer Olympics is where it's at.  While I do enjoy several of the Winter events (ice skating, snowboarding, skiing, etc.), there is so much more to offer in the Summer Olympics.  I love the opening ceremonies!  I love gymnastics!  I love swimming!  I love diving!  I love track!  And there's soccer!!  I guess you could say I love it all.  Ha.  Needless to say I'm super excited for this summer and London 2012!
It's nearly Friday, fellow A-Zers!!  Rejoice!


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