M is for Manner Schnitte

Mmmmmmmmmmm...Manner Schnitte!!!  Oh letter M, how I love you!  Not only because you are the beginning of my name (which I actually dislike), but because you are the sound that introduces the deliciousness that is Manner Schnitte.  What, some may ask, is Manner Schnitte?  Well, let me tell you.  Do you remember those wafer cookies that came in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry back in the day (they've since expanded their flavor quota)?  Manner Schnitte are exactly like those only a million times better because they're filled with a chocolate hazelnut spread.  Say what!?!  The first time I had one of these lovely pieces of heaven was in 2006 or so and I've never regretted it.  Their headquarters are located in Vienna, Austria right next to the Stephansdom and it is always, always, always packed with people because their cookies, cakes, crackers, etc are that good.  I highly recommend nibbling these tasty morsels with a nice dark cup of coffee.  I promise that you won't be disappointed.  But how do I get them? you might ponder.  World Market!  That's right; they are now available at most World Market/Cost Plus locations, but I've never seen them anywhere else.  Of course you could always order them online.  Regardless, I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend and here's to an even better Sunday.  See you all again on Monday!


  1. I've seen these wafers in the continental section of local supermarkets here in England. The way you describe them makes me want to try one. Blog on!


    1. Francene, I promise that you won't be disappointed! They're quite delicious :)

  2. Hello, Mel! Mmm, these sound delicious!! Hope you're having a lovely weekend, too, and happy A to Z!!

  3. Thanks Laura! And they are delicious!


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