I is for "I Can't Sleep" Journaling

Happy Tuesday everyone and welcome to the letter I.  Today's post is, pretty much, about insomnia.

"I Can't Sleep" Journaling
I have been known to suffer from insomnia from time to time...okay, probably more than from time to time, but who's keeping track.  It was really bad when I was in grad school, but I think I've finally gotten it under control with a combination of things:  Melatonin and "I Can't Sleep" journaling.
For my birthday, recently, a dear friend sent this to me from Connecticut.  When I opened the package it was in, I laughed uncontrollably.  She knew me so well!  In fact, that previous night I had difficulties falling asleep and just lay there thinking and thinking...and thinking.......aaaannnddd ttthhhiinnnkkkkinnggg...  I really needed this journal!  It is packed with quotes about insomnia that are meant to inspire your writing.  It's a well known fact that, for many people, if you jot down what's on your mind, it helps to clear whatever you're thinking about.  It's so true.  For that reason alone, I'm an advocate for "I Can't Sleep" journaling.  Plus, I've written some pretty awesome things during my insomniatic episodes :)


  1. You are basically describing my life right now. I should get a night journal!

    Good luck with the challenge!

    Dianna Fielding


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