D is for...Katherine Dunn and Jude Deveraux

TGIF!  I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm sure ready for the weekend and I plan to do a bit of reading...like always.  So, to continue on with this wonderful alphabet of writers, we come to D and I bring you:  Katherine Dunn and Jude Deveraux, the first women writers to appear on my list!

Katherine Dunn (1945-)
An Oregon writer, Katherine Dunn is probably best known for her novel Geek Love, but she is also a journalist, poet, voice artist, and radio personality.  She has had many columns published in various magazines, including Vogue, Playboy, and the LA Times, and has also been recognized for her writing on boxing; Dunn is a writer for cyberboxingzone.com, an online boxing magazine.  Geek Love is a great look into the seedier side of a traveling circus, focusing on the sideshows instead of the main stage acts.

*Recommendation:  Geek Love

Jude Deveraux (1947-)
Sometimes you just need a little cheesy romance book to take you away from more dense works and life, and for me one of those writers is Jude Deveraux.  I am very picky about my romance novels; strange, but true.  I like historical ones, so Jude Deveraux is one of my go-to girls for that.  She has had more than 36 of her novels appear on The New York Times bestseller list as well.  Though her more recent books have had contemporary settings, the fact that all of her heroines are strong-willed and courageous characters is what draws me in.  I also like the fact that the majority of her books have recurring characters and various generations of the same family.  

*Recommendation:  The Montgomery/Taggert Series and the Edilean Series

Who are some of your favorite D writers?

Happy Friday, fellow A-Zers!


  1. I wouldn't every call Deveraux's romances cheesy. I do love her novels and usually get them from the library.

    1. Maybe not necessarily cheesy in the traditional sense, but they are quick, easy, mindless reads. And there are some of her books that I don't particularly care for and would consider more cheesy than others. I still love them and also get them from the library. Thanks for stopping by!


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