World Book Night 2014 Was A Success!

I think this year's World Book Night was my favorite and most rewarding.  I have always had a great time participating over the last three years, but for some reason this one was smooth sailing.  I received Diane Ackerman's The Zookeeper's Wife as my book to give away and was thrilled by this.  The day of the event was a busy one.  Not only did I have a program at work (I work at a small liberal arts university in Oregon), but it was a rainy day.  Definitely puts a little bit of a damper on handing out books.  However, I prevailed!  In the afternoon, my coworker and first time book giver this year, Lori over at Palmer's Page Turners, headed down to the university center to hand out books.  Some people look at you like you're crazy and politely declined, but the vast majority were thrilled to be receiving a completely free, no-strings attached book!  That's the most rewarding part.  In addition to handing books out in the university center, I kept a few back to hand out in the evening at my apartment complex.  I live in a complex where the majority of tenants are non-native English speakers.  Despite the pouring rain, I wrapped the rest of my books in plastic bags and placed them randomly on people's stoops (anonymously, because that makes it exciting).  Unfortunately, I did not have enough to hit every single apartment, but I feel that those who received them were excited.  I am so looking forward to next year's World Book Night!


  1. I really like World Book Night. I was lucky enough to be a giver again this year. We held a Murder Mystery event at the library in celebration for WBN!

  2. It was such a great day!! Thank you again for introducing me to this fantastic organization!!


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