U is for...Utterly Awesome Authors

 It was very difficult...well, impossible, to come up with an author to represent the letter U.  I guess Umberto Eco could work, but that would go against how I've been categorizing every author in the challenge.  I refuse to do that.  So I'm sneaking in an abnormal way to get around this letter with:  Utterly Awesome Authors.

Marissa Meyer (1984-)
A young adult author, Marissa Meyer is a recent addition to my library.  My friend and fellow blogger, The Sassy Starfish, happens to be a school librarian in a southern state recommended her work.  I'm glad she did!  Meyer published her first book, Cinder, a New York Times bestseller, in 2012, though she had worked in editing and fan fiction prior to this.  Her debut series, The Lunar Chronicles, is based on futuristic re-tellings of various fairy tales.  And she just received a 2-book deal for a new series based on Alice in Wonderland.  If you're looking for quick, entertaining reads, pick up one of Marissa Meyer's books.

*Recommendation:  The Lunar Chronicles series

Nora Roberts (1950-)
I love Nora Roberts (a pseudonym for Eleanor Marie Robertson).  Sometimes you need something that is easy to read, doesn't require a lot of attention, and quick to get through.  For me, Roberts is that guilty pleasure.  Though much of her work is incredibly formulaic (the series are anyway), there is something comforting in that aspect.  You always know what you're going to get with a Roberts novel.  The first author to be inducted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame, Nora Roberts also writes under the pseudonyms of JD Robb, Jill March, and Sarah Hardesty.  Another aspect of Roberts that I really enjoy is that she only releases her books in paperback because of the lengthy wait for hardback to paperback releases.  That's admirable.

*Recommendation:  The Chesapeake Bay Saga

Who are some of your favorite U authors?


  1. I do love a nice, predictable Nora Roberts every now and hen! My favorite is the Bride Quartet series!


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