G is for...Elizabeth Gaskell

Today is all about the letter G and it's dedicated to a very deserving writer, in my opinion.  If you like Jane Austen (who I would have included in my A post if I had figured out my guiding theme by that point), then you will like:  Elizabeth Gaskell.

Elizabeth Gaskell (1810-1865)
A British writer during the Victorian era, Gaskell structured her novels and short stories around the social strata of the times and was a staunch believer in tolerance toward all religions, which is shown in many of her works.  In addition, Gaskell would pepper her works with local or regional dialect depending on the various settings to further aid in her want to represent the social times.  I first read one of Gaskell's works when I was living in Scotland; fitting since the setting was in Scotland as well.  From the time I picked the book up until I finished it, I was in love.  As a huge fan of Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell ranked right there alongside Austen's genius.  In fact, I might even like Gaskell's novels better.  Whoa!  Additionally, a fair number of her works have been turned into BBC and PBS productions.

*Recommendation:  North and South, both the book and the film (No, it is not the Civil War movie)

Who are some of your favorite G writers?


  1. I didn't recognize her name, but I've heard of North and South. You've listed a lot of amazing writers so far during the Challenge. The first G author that comes to my mind is Neil Gaiman. :)

    Good luck with the Challenge! Visiting on behalf of Untethered Realms

    1. Hi Christine! Thanks for stopping by. I've heard great things about Neil Gaiman, but haven't really read much by him...in fact, I don't think I've read anything! I'll have to check him out. And most people have no idea who Elizabeth Gaskell is...

  2. (In response to your above comment): I was one of those people who didn't know who Elizabeth Gaskell was until I read this and I'm so glad I have since I've read and reread my Austen books about 15 times each and would love to read something similar without knowing the ending. :) Thanks again Mel!

    1. Hi, Lena. You're very welcome! It might be sacrilege to say, but I just may enjoy Gaskell's work a little bit more than Austen's...


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