V is for...Vonnegut

Happy Friday, fellow A-Zers!  I'm glad this week is over...it sure felt like it went on forever.  Anywho...today presents us the letter V and I'm bringing you:  Kurt Vonnegut!

Kurt Vonnegut (1922-2007)
An American writer, Vonnegut is known for his blend of satire, humor, and science fiction.  Very active in the American Civil Liberties Union and considered a critical pacifist intellectual, he was known for his believe in humanist ideals.  A soldier and POW during World War II, Kurt Vonnegut utilized his experiences to help shape his work.  An advocate for anti-authoritarianism, he incorporates much of himself into his work.  There is a deep cynicism and wild leaps of imagination that run rampant throughout.  He also utilizes the idea of determinism, perhaps best seen in Slaughterhouse Five.  In addition to his writing, Vonnegut became quite a popular artist and a political activist.  He's a wonderful writer, though many have a hard time relating to his work. 

*Recommendation:  Slaughterhouse Five

Who are some of you favorite V writers?


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