Q is for...Daniel Quinn

Hello, Saturday.  We meet again!  Today's post is about the letter Q.  I'll admit it was more difficult to find an author for this letter, but I managed to do it.  This post is going to be about:  Daniel Quinn.

Daniel Quinn (1935-)
I've only read one book by Daniel Quinn, but it was a good one.  Quinn, an American novelist, tends to focus much of his writing on the idea of environmentalism or cultural criticism.  Originally intending to become a monk, Quinn instead went into the publishing field; though he eventually left publishing to become a freelance writer.  It was at this time that he wrote Ishmael, the first in a loose trilogy, to great success.  It won the Turner Tomorrow Fellowship Award, a one-time award given to an unpublished work of fiction that offers creative and positive solutions to global problems.  This single novel was inspiration for Pearl Jam's "Do the Evolution" and aspects of the movie Instinct, though Quinn decries any similarity between the book and film.  Quinn travels widely giving lectures and discussing his works.  He has inspired much controversy with many of his claims; the biggest being that populations will increase or decrease depending on the availability of food and the catastrophic implications this causes (discussed most in depth in The Story of B).  It's fairly fascinating stuff.

*Recommendation:  Ishmael

Pearl Jam--"Do the Evolution"

Who are some of your favorite Q writers?


  1. Not got any more Q writers but Quinn's work sounds interesting. Great that he won an award while still unpublished.


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