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It's been unseasonably warm the last few weeks here in Oregon.  Typically, we are not an area that reaches 90 degrees often throughout the Summer; it can happen, but it's never this early in the year and it rarely sticks around for days at a time.  This year it's different.  The heat seemed to spring up on us quickly (think a difference of 20 degrees overnight).  I don't like it at all!  I am a 75 degree tops type of person and thoroughly enjoy the rain.  Normally this isn't an issue in western Oregon, but this year it is.
So, to combat the oppressing (to me) heat, I now have two AC units in my apartment.  Originally I had one that I utilized in the main living space (I rarely used it last year), but my parents are pretty much the best ever and suprised me with one for my bedroom...along with an awesome teal patio set for my porch...yesterday evening!  Needless to say I slept quite well last night :)

After installing both units, we all went out to dinner (my parents, myself, and my boyfriend) to a restaurant in a nearby town that had just been remodeled under new ownership.  It's definitely a step up from where it used to be and the food was surprisingly delicious.  However...I neglected to notice that my pasta dish came with a side of steamed veggies that included broccoli and carrots.  While I absolutely love steamed veggies (including broccoli and carrots), what I don't love is the possibility of having an allergic reaction and not being able to breathe.  Personally, I kind of like breathing.  Over the last four years I have developed an increasingly severe allergy to broccoli and, to a lesser extent, carrots.  So strange!  The broccoli allergy is definitely hereditary as my grandfather, mother, and sister all have the same allergy.  The carrot allergy is just weird.  But I'm weird, so there's that. 

I was going to attempt to eat around the broccoli and avoid anything touching the evil (though delicious) veggie, but kept coming across little kernels mixed in with  my pasta.  Everyone kept telling me to send it back, but I HATE doing that!  I hate it so much.  I never want to be "that" customer.  But about three bites in I finally caved because the roof of my mouth was getting numb...whoops.  The waiter and kitchen were completely understanding and I got a new plate more quickly than I had imagined...and it was delicious.  However I still feel bad about sending perfectly good food back to the kitchen...

Note to self:  ALWAYS read the fine print!!!  And tip well!

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  1. That patio set is adorable!! Love the color!

  2. Damn global warming. We're 90-100+ from late June to early October- boo!

    1. thank you! We had a cooler day yesterday (81ish) and loads of rain. It was lovely :)


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