Top Ten Tuesday: Blogging Confessions

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and it's a way to share what you're loving in list form.  The topic changes every week, so there is always something new to discover!

This week's theme is:  Blogging Confessions.  I'm really going to try to come up with ten blogging confessions, but I don't know if I can do it. 

Here goes!
  1. I have well over 50 book reviews in my drafts folder that I need to finish.
  2. I stopped adding new books that need to be reviewed to my drafts folder months that number should probably be much closer to seventy...or more :(
  3. I go in big blogging spurts and then kind of disappear for months.  It becomes quite difficult to post consistently during certain times of the year for some reason.
  4. The only time I post consistently is during the month of April because I participate in the A-Z Blogging I'm FORCED to post something.  This was my third year participating and it's a lot of fun.
  5. If I don't like the look of a blog, or if it's too busy, I won't stay to read what has been written.  That's horrible of me!
  6. Along those same lines, if a blog doesn't have me hooked in the first few sentences or first paragraph, I won't stick around to finish reading the post (I'm the same way with newspapers and magazines)
  7. I'm woefully inept at figuring out Blogger!  How do you make a button?  Pages...forget about it!  A personalized signature...nope.  I'm lucky that I can figure out how to put in links and pictures. 
  8. I get bored with my page design quickly and am unimpressed (for the most part) with the pre-made  Blogger template options, but I'm too cheap to pay for a professionally designed page and too tech illiterate to build one myself.
  9. I get slightly depressed when I see the lack of correlation between how many times a post has been viewed and how many comments it received...or didn't receive.
  10. I feel like reviews should never have spoilers in them and get angry when others include them.  My personal reaction:  "Great!  Thanks for RUINING the book for me, Jackhole!" 
Whew...I did it!  And got those off my chest.  Hopefully I didn't offend anyone and hopefully I'm not alone on some of these.  Regardless, what are some of your blogging confessions?

Also, look for next week's Top Ten:  Favorite Movies or TV Shows

Happy reading!


  1. +JMJ+

    Confession #5 made me smile because I could confess the opposite side of the coin . . . Someone once told me that my blog was hard for her to read and I flat out refused to change it! LOL! So if people click away, I don't blame them. =)

    1. Hahahaha...nice! Well, it should be something you enjoy looking at too and you can't please everybody :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. #7 & 8...yes! That's totally me. I can't stop tweaking little things on my blog. And now that you've mentioned it, I REALLY want to get the customized signature figured out. Guess I have blog homework for the weekend...

    Elle @ Erratic Project Junkie

    (Oh...and I hit a wrong button like a nincompoop when I went to publish this comment, so you may or may not get two copies. Sorry about that. I really shouldn't comment after midnight...)

    1. worries. I would LOVE to have a customized signature. Le sigh...maybe one day I'll figure it out. Alas. Thanks so much for stopping by, Elle!


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