B.T.T: Summertime

Booking Through Thursday:  Summertime

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by Deb @ Booking Through Thursday. Every week she posts a book related prompt/question, you answer the prompt, and then link back to the original. Here's this week's:
Question/Prompt:  Summertime
Do your reading habits change in the summer?
I wouldn't say that my reading habits change all that much in the summer.  I do think that I spend a lot of time reading year-round, but it's always nice to sit outside in the warm weather with a book.  I think that my big reading spurts are during late Fall, Winter, and early Spring because of the simple fact that we tend to get a fair amount of rain in the Pacific Northwest, so we spend a lot of time indoors.  Summertime is when we all venture outside for outdoor activities, so time spent reading might take a bit of a hit when the weather is nice.  However, I am perfectly content to sit on a blanket in the park/at the ocean/etc with a book and some cool libations.  Regardless, I am a year-round voracious reader :)

How do your reading habits change throughout the year?

Happy reading!


  1. I read year round. Although in the summer, I venture outside to sit in the shade with a cold drink and I read there.

    2 Kids and Tired Books BTT

    1. Ditto :) Thanks for stopping by, Holly!


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