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Sometimes you need a little quiz action in your life :)  Courtesy of Amanda @ Amanda's Nose in a Book, but discovered through MizB @ Should Be Reading and Alicia @ Awesome Book Assessment, here's a little Book Blogger Quiz.  Participate in you feel so inclined!

Top 3 Bookish Pet Peeves
  • My biggest one...when I let people borrow books and they don't return them...or they treat them horribly!
  • When I check out books from the library and there is stuff spilled between the pages causing them to stick together.  I don't know what that substance is!  Gross!!
  • When books are not alphabetized at bookstores.  It makes it very difficult to find what I'm looking for.  However, it does add to the "hunting" aspect.
Perfect Reading Spot
  • I can read just about anywhere; a desk, couch, bed, stopped at a railroad crossing, an airplane, etc.  But my favorite spot to read would have to be a comfy chair in a coffeeshop.  I love that there is an infinite supply of coffee and snacks at my disposal and, when I need to take a little reading break, I can people-watch!  I also love reading on airplanes :)
3 Bookish Confessions
  • I have more books on my personal bookshelves that I haven't read versus ones that I have.  Like, more than twice or three times as many.  Two six foot bookshelfs that are both double-stacked, with additional books shoved across the top of each shelf...I think I might have a problem!
  • I LOVE breaking the spine of a book (if it's my personal copy) and dog-earing pages.  To me, breaking the spine is a cathartic release and helps with readability.  There's something so satisfying about that resounding crack.  I only do this with my paperback copies because hardbacks just don't offer the same satisfaction.  Also, bookmarks are incovenient for me and have a tendency to fall out too easily.  If I dog-ear the page, I know exactly where I'm at.
  • I am unable to walk out of a bookstore empty-handed.  It's just not going to happen.  Even when I know I shouldn't be getting anything, I still do.  Those books NEED homes, dangit!
When Was The Last Time You Cried During A Book?
  • I am not a very emotional person, but when it comes to books I have definitely shed some tears.  I think the last time I cried while reading a book was A Silence of Mockingbirds:  The Memoir of a Murder by Karen Spears Zacharias.  Though the book reads more of a "woe-is-me" by the author, because I personally knew Karly and know her father, this really struck a cord.  I won't go into it, but you can check the book out if you feel so inclined. 
How Many Books Are On Your Bedside Table?
  • There are currently six books on my bedside table.  Oy vey!  Two I am currently reading, Belle Cora and Greetings from Somewhere Else, and the other four are ones I will soon be starting (the Divergent Series and a cheesy romance novel).
What Is Your Favorite Snack To Eat While Reading?
  • Chocolate...dark chocolate.  But really I prefer to drink coffee or tea while reading instead of eating.
Name 3 Books You'd Recommend To Everyone
Write How Much Books Mean To You In 3 Words
  • This.  Is.  Home.
What Is Your Biggest Reading Secret?
  • I love romance novels.  I tend to read a lot of "literary" books and whatnot, so it's really nice to take a break from thinking while reading and dive into a mindless romance novel.  They always end happily and make you smile. 
Who Are You Tagging?
  • Anyone who would like to participate :)
Happy reading!


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