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Booking Through Thursday:  Format

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by Deb @ Booking Through Thursday. Every week she posts a book related prompt/question, you answer the prompt, and then link back to the original. Here's this week's:

Question/Prompt:  Format
All other things being equal, what is your favorite format for reading?  Hardcover?  Paperback?  New Book?  Old Book?  Leather-bound first edition?  E-book?
For reading, I am old school.  I love a paperback book above all other mediums.  As an avid spine breaker, there isn't nearly the same satisfaction in reading other formats.  I know, shame on me for breaking the spines and ruining the structure/integrity of a book, but I want my books to look like they've been read.  No pristine books on my bookshelves!  While there are some instances where I like hardcovers, mainly in series form because they look nice all lined up together on a bookshelf, I hate how hefty a hardback is since I always, ALWAYS, carry a book or two with me.  When it comes to old vs new books, I'm an equal opportunist.  I love the way books smell...old, new, and in between.  However, if I purchase an "old" book, it's more than likely going to be a hardback/leather-bound copy...not trade paperback...because I'm purchasing it as a collector.  I do own an e-reader though, and I quite enjoy it.  Never intending to purchase one, I received it as a Christmas present from my parents (I'll admit that I asked for one...).  While it is nice to have because of all the features (Kindle Fire...so many functions), I will still choose and actual book over my e-reader.  Call me old-fashioned.  Essentially, I like books...in all forms.

What is your prefered format for reading?

Happy reading!


  1. I agree with you--paperbacks are my favorite. I've gotten into reading on my kindle as well, but nothing compares to a paperback book. Like you, I always have at least a book or two in my purse, and hardbacks are just too darn heavy!

  2. I'm really into e-books at the moment. Most of the books in my TBR pile are in a digital format of some sort. I read on my laptop, so I'm not really limited to one particular reader's proprietary format.

    1. I like my e-reader, but since I work on a computer five days a week I don't want to stare at one during my leisure time :)


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